About us

Overseas Educational Agency is an elite guiding agency for Lebanese and foreign students, leading them to the correct way of achieving their goals quickly and easily. Based in Lebanon, we have been popular in the region for our good reputation and fast achievements in the domain of providing student offers from universities worldwide with great ease and the use of advanced techniques.

Through our representatives, we have an up-to-date knowledge of every detail in the application processes set by the embassies of the three countries: Australia, New Zealand and Canada. We also provide information about how life looks like in every country, being in contact with students who reached these countries through our branches. So, we can benefit from their comments and ensure them –on the other hand- a better future there. Our branches in the three mentioned countries help us find the best studying offers that best suit each client of ours. We search for the major in question, the affordable cost and the high standards as well. All of our clients are supposed to be received by a member of the staff of our branch in the country that they intend to enter and there is no doubt that they will be able to contact our branch in the country they enter, for the seek of advice, help and guidance.

Overseas Educational Agency processes application as fast as possible, avoiding any unnecessary delay, and helps you choose your university/college, your major, your most suitable visa… etc.
Concerning language, every applicant needs a minimum level of English/French proficiency which differs in each case. In order to achieve the level in demand, we help our clients find suitable institutes and language centers that will guarantee our clients a high standard of learning language. Through our various institutes in different regions in Lebanon, we help students get the most suitable prices and place them in correct positions. Afterwards, we help each student in applying for his test (IELTS for example). Since every student is strongly advised to pass this exam and hence save lots of money and a lot of time, we are very keen on improving our clients’ proficiency in English or in French.

After all, we can say that we are among the leading organizations where students are the first concern.